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U.E.F. Ship Recovery Vessel (1)

The U.E.F. Kudu-class SRV enters battle zones to recover and transport damaged or disabled combat vessels.


Aboard their unarmed and lightly armored ships, SRV crews have a motto: "Jump In, Jump Out." SRVs have the highest-precision FTL jump computers in the U.E.F. fleet, able to jump in behind the disabled ship, extend a shield for temporary protection, secure the ship for transport, and jump out of the system in under 90 seconds.


To improve the survivability of both SRV and its "guest," SRVs are frequently accompanied by destroyers and gunboats.


(A quick build while I stay home to avoid sharing a cold with my coworkers. My eyes are bleeding after finishing this one. )

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Taken on January 10, 2012