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New microscale version of the modular building series. Read complete details on The Brothers Brick.

(Official photos shared with written permission from The LEGO Group.)

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  1. lego_nabii 43 months ago | reply

    Jamie built the first micro version of these back in 2006 before I started at LEGO and before the set came out in 2007. Others may have micro-ized them too, but he was definitely first!

  2. gambort 43 months ago | reply

    And to add to what Mark said you don't even link to the original "inventor". As the builder states the Cafe Corner mini is Marcos Bessa. Who IIRC works for LEGO too now.

  3. The Slushey One 43 months ago | reply

    that is very cool

  4. Genghis Don 43 months ago | reply

    I'm really very excited about this set.

  5. Jasper Joppe Geers 43 months ago | reply

    Nice to see acknowledged the Market Street as an official modular this way!

  6. Doctor Mobius 43 months ago | reply

    Want! Want! Want!

  7. ~cashier~ 43 months ago | reply

    I can't wait for this set to come out! And for only $80! I think that's pretty cheap for a lego set like that.

  8. gburns94 43 months ago | reply

    It's really cheap if you compare it to the Architecture range Lego do

  9. ~cashier~ 43 months ago | reply

    Yeah, th robie house is crazy exspensive, but ti's really cool.

  10. Puddleglum- 43 months ago | reply

    Love that LEGO finally decided to do this. Especially impressed with Market Street, I didn't even have the will to try to tackle that at 16x16, never mind 8x8. Looks like a wonderful assortment of tiles and plates and fiddly bits for $80.

    So did Jamie do this or Marcos? If you're allowed to discuss such things.

  11. gambort 43 months ago | reply

    Jamie made it. It's in the promotional video.

  12. lego_nabii 42 months ago | reply

    Yep. ^What Gambort said.

    I'm presuming I can talk about these as it has been officially announced. Jamie used to build these for people leaving the Dept. or the Company. Then it became a set.

    Maybe I need to start giving people 5,000 part SHIPs when they leave with the same hope...

  13. Puddleglum- 42 months ago | reply

    I'm a doofus, I totally missed the video. :bagonhead:

  14. Genghis Don 42 months ago | reply

    Yeah, Mark, definitely do that! I'm sure they would not only be appreciated, but extremely practical. :p

  15. Cat Juggling 42 months ago | reply

    Really can't wait for this one. So tiny buy so many parts!

  16. P3-K4 42 months ago | reply

    Best mini set ever.

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