• This hat just rocks my world.
  • I can think of *so* many uses for these legs.
  • indeed, no more half of the hat folded up on the side - [jaster]
  • I can think of uses for the legs, the hat, the whip, the torso...... - wunztwice
  • Mmmmmmm..... - wunztwice
  • This should be grey! :-P - °Patrimonios
  • Looks gripable. - Azaghal Gabilzaramul
  • This looks like a very nice hat. Uses are coming to me like a huge flood or something... - remyth
  • These things rock! I like the belt a lot, as I do the rest...!! - remyth
  • I can see so many way's to mod this bag. Maybe into a holster? - Skinny Pete Deux
  • I don't see how this will stay on unless attached to the neck which it doesn't look like it is in the picture. - RyanTheBeat
  • if it's molded of abs, not a soft plastic, I think it would stay in place - Happy Weasel
  • Screw uses, they're just wicked awesome period. - M=π
  • Flexible a la Castle 2007 or fixed? - RichardAM
  • As can I! - matt0
  • This hat was not made for Indy. IT was made for Blondie. "BLONDIIEEEE! You know what you are!?" - Shadow Viking

Just to blow your mind...

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...a high-res version, which means more room for all your notes. Enjoy!

(From the MTV Movies Blog. Previous discussion (worth the click, trust me) on the lower-res version.)

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  1. wunztwice 94 months ago | reply

    OK, so if the shirt is tan, the legs are dark tan, the whip/murse/hat are brown, what color is the jacket?!?!

  2. l OTTOMATIC l 94 months ago | reply

    A mix of all of them, Chris

  3. Sibley! 94 months ago | reply

    Dark brown?!?!

  4. SAM.R.I 94 months ago | reply

    why isn't it using a han solo head + 5 o'clock shadow?

  5. Dunechaser 94 months ago | reply

    Oh sweet mercy, you're right, Chris. I don't think I'd noticed that the jacket is a new color. Best minifig ever.

  6. remyth 94 months ago | reply

    This is an absolutely awesome minifig! Nothing else you can say...

  7. Happy Weasel 94 months ago | reply

    I'm not putting much stock in the colors shown, after all, the CG on boxes already looks nothing like the actual colors, why should this?

  8. -Mainman- 94 months ago | reply

    EVERYONE is going to be making new sigfigs with these parts.

  9. Sibley! 94 months ago | reply

    I will iff the bag also comes in black (perhaps elsewhere in the theme). There's a small chance that I'd use the torso for a sigfig.

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