ODST Squad: 105th Shock Troops Division

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    Your run-of-the-mill ODST squad.

    Playing around with the new BrickForge "Shock Trooper" armor. Weapons by BrickArms.

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    1. The Acquaintance Crate 45 months ago | reply

      Explore whores huh? :) You read my mind, they just come here to advertise, they don't care about what its about.

    2. Thœ 45 months ago | reply

      Is there any paint on these? Cause they look awesome

    3. Dunechaser 45 months ago | reply

      Nope, no paint. The visors and chest emblems are printed.

    4. Evil Guppy 45 months ago | reply

      What r the silenced SMG's from?

    5. Dunechaser 45 months ago | reply

      BrickArms, like the description says.

    6. Evil Guppy 45 months ago | reply

      Even the SMG? IS it sold individually, or only in a pack?

    7. Dunechaser 45 months ago | reply

      Yes, even the SMG. No idea, I don't work for BrickArms or any of their myriad resellers.

    8. bricktrooper 45 months ago | reply

      Rad. Gonna have to grab some armor/helmets from BrickForge so that my son stops harrassing me.

    9. swellsington [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

      It used to be sold as an individual weapon, but now it is sold only in a pack for copyright infringement or something of that sort.
      Nice little army you got going here.

    10. The Acquaintance Crate 45 months ago | reply

      Darn lawers and their ''copyright infringment''!

    11. vìnn 45 months ago | reply

      Without the armor, can air tanks fit with the helmet?

    12. Arato Vivi 44 months ago | reply

      Awesome picture and nice composition! :)

    13. Dunechaser 44 months ago | reply

      How about you not try to sell things on my stream? And by "like this," do you mean my design? Do I get a percentage in royalties of every dollar you earn?

      (For everyone else: I consider my designs, such as they are, "open source." And putting a few minifig parts together with some BrickForge and BrickArms hardly counts as a "design." But profiting from someone else's ideas is never cool, no matter how basic and obvious an idea may be...)

    14. The Acquaintance Crate 44 months ago | reply

      I think he's asking if you want to buy his. If not, then shame on him of trying to self advertise on somebody elses photo.

    15. ~The Great Paul~ 44 months ago | reply

      its not ur design at all :/ the day of brickfair when it was releseased i made these. also its not ur idea at all and i figured, like said, i was seeing if possibly you wanted to buy some more troopers to your group because i saw you made a large group. i'm sorry if that made you mad, but again, it was directed mostly towards you if u were interested. and its not ur design at all :/ like i said, the day this armor came out i made these, and i have proof aswell. i removed the comment since you disliked it , but i'm sorry and i'm sorry, it won't happen again.
      seriously though i thought you might wanna add some guys to your army because u like them. not ur design at all anyway.

    16. swellsington [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      This is going to end hilariously.

    17. ~The Great Paul~ 44 months ago | reply

      it already ended. i removed errything, apologized, and explained i wanted to see if he wanted to buy it

    18. swellsington [deleted] 44 months ago | reply


    19. ~The Great Paul~ 44 months ago | reply

      just stop. okay? its over so bye.

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