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  • Nice work on Hulk, never would have thought of using that head for anything other than zombies and whatnot. - Ironsniper
  • Looks like hes about to knock wolverine. :P - eclipseGrafx
  • Magazine cover pose, XD - Brickdon
  • is there a troll torso or somthing that could be used? - were50
  • What is that hammer piece from? - TheBuilderA48
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Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk

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  1. theSPOT 33 months ago | reply

    i want captain america!!!!!!!!!

  2. eτi 33 months ago | reply

    Will there be one movie with all of these characers, then? I thought each had their own TV series etc.
    Not that it matters much - I probably won't go see it anyway... The only superhero I actually like is Super Grover.

  3. Dunechaser 33 months ago | reply

    As I understand it, yes.

  4. Project Azazel 33 months ago | reply

    defo a movie being made...has been in the works along time...watch the very very end of ironman and cap america

  5. LegoDad42 33 months ago | reply

    ^Right. The Avengers movie is on the way which will be closer to the Ultimate Avengers comics, than the original Avengers comic books.
    There's even a small scene with Tony Stark and General Ross mentioning the 'team' in the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk flick.
    In Thor you get a glimpse of Hawkeye, and possibly Power Man (but not sure oh him though) and of course Iron Man 2 had Black Widow.
    Back to the figs. you've put together, they're just great and if anyone doesn't pick up the Marvel sets coming out next year, these are great substitutes. Love 'em!

  6. The Brick Guy 33 months ago | reply

    Just wait till the Marvel figs next year!

    The Brick Guy

  7. Quickblade22 30 months ago | reply

    BrickForge weekly drawing winner for 8/20/11 :)

  8. Dunechaser 30 months ago | reply

    And thanks for the generous gift certificate!

  9. LOTZOFLEGOZ 27 months ago | reply

    what web site did you get iron mans helmet

  10. Dunechaser 27 months ago | reply

    They're not available anymore. But wait a few months and LEGO will be releasing their own official version.

  11. LOTZOFLEGOZ 27 months ago | reply

    ok and where did you get captain americas head

  12. Dunechaser 27 months ago | reply

    From some Star Wars set -- I don't remember.

  13. legoresources 27 months ago | reply

    Spider mans in the west coast avengers. (he's not with Thor)

  14. Dunechaser 27 months ago | reply

    No idea what you're talking about.

  15. legoresources 27 months ago | reply

    this picture says "avengers" but spider mans not in the avengers

  16. legoresources 27 months ago | reply

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avengers_(comics) really. btw those are the "new" avengers

  17. TheLegoRat 25 months ago | reply

    the hulk looks like he's constipated.

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