• Got enough leaf pieces? :p Did you just order a million from bricklink? - Chaffeem
  • brilliant! and very interesting - ~Chrispy~
  • Yup, it's a hedgerow. Bricklinking this many would've bankrupted me. ;-) I think I got them a couple years ago in Pick-a-Brick during BrickCon.
  • Can i use this idea ? - ~Biohazard~
  • An old technique, but I've never seen it done this well before. - eldeeem
  • Glad to see the bullet holes are all at slightly different levels. - NewRight
  • excellent - [jaster]
  • Truth serum - dbol39
  • im speachless just buitiful love the tent idk how u did it but awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ~Je||y_Be@N$~
  • If you're going to put a note over everything, you may as well leave a comment. Next time, please do that instead.
  • Of course -- and no credit needed (it's not like you wouldn't have thought of it yourself at some point). :-)
  • Agreed on idea-so good. They are skate ramps, no? - marioman3138
  • Correct.
  • What set is this from? - WLSmiles :D
  • Any number of Wild West sets. Nothing recent, though.
  • Whats that? Lego? Or Paper? - Vengeance of Lego
  • Bandana
  • thnx - ~Biohazard~
  • absolutly insane! - Wochenender
  • I love this! - Bricklegend
  • The Indiana Jones Cairo Marketplace set had it in tan, I think. - LegoK238
  • Great use! - LegoK238
  • I just wanted to say that I think that this tent design is one of the best things I have seen in a long time. Many thanks. - iainy73
  • Glad you like it! I'd set them aside from a failed attempt at a farmhouse, and it just struck me that they might work. :-)
  • I love that flag!! - Nathan__B
  • terrain isnt all flat-nice - ℣℩ƙ℩ℵℊ424

Battalion Aid Station (1)

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Medics provide treatment to casualties at a Battalion Aid Station in early June 1944, as an M3 Half-track rumbles by in a muddy lane behind the bullet-riddled farmhouse wall.

(Very poor light today due to smoke from a fire up in British Columbia. Perhaps that's realistic...)

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  1. Sgt. Thram 56 months ago | reply

    This should be a Lego set. You make it so realistic. GREAT job.

  2. Sgt. Thram 56 months ago | reply

    LOVE the M3 Halftrack idea. I NEED instructions!

  3. Sgt. Thram 56 months ago | reply

    This looks, like, professional!

  4. Sgt. Thram 56 months ago | reply

    I think this is the best Lego model I've ever seen. It's AMAZING! It looks professional. LOVE this!

  5. Sgt. Thram 56 months ago | reply

    I like the hedgerows and the dirt road and the bullet holes. The camp is VERY detailed.

  6. Dunechaser 56 months ago | reply

    Um, thanks, but one comment would have sufficed. If you had more to say, there's this little link that says edit when you put your mouse over your original comment...

    Anyway, glad you like it.

  7. Bart Willen 55 months ago | reply

    Oh man that technique has been around for quite a while. I don't even know who did it first so I doubt you need to ask for Dunechasers permission :P

    Of course Dunechaser may correct me if I'm wrong.

  8. Dunechaser 55 months ago | reply

    What Bart said -- hardly an original idea, and I'm really not one to require credit for so-called "techniques". Thanks for asking, though.

  9. Sean-Michael Griffin 54 months ago | reply

    Wow! THat is very nice I love the tent design. And is that halftrack your design because it is very nice. I do believe I saw this at Brickcon it was entered into operation bricklord no?

  10. Dunechaser 54 months ago | reply

    Correct on both counts -- my half-track design, and this was indeed part of the OpB display.

  11. 102nd airborne 54 months ago | reply

    awesome tent! and love the hedgrow

  12. I Scream Clone 53 months ago | reply

    Wow it appears i missed this gem. Well done Andrew. Really like the tent design and hedge.

  13. Unseeeeeen 52 months ago | reply

    Really impressive incredible detail

  14. Lego Major 46 months ago | reply

    I love this build!

  15. Immediate~C 45 months ago | reply

    looks like a scene from M,A,S,H,

  16. Brandon401 44 months ago | reply

    I love the tent.

  17. jayo113 35 months ago | reply

    how much is it? i might buy!!!

  18. Dunechaser 35 months ago | reply

    No, you won't, because it's not for sale.

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