• Boring.

    Constructive enough? haha - kreezzalee
  • Heh heh. ;-) The M4A3 (76)W is pretty boring on the side (and doesn't have an overhang).
    I'll probably dress it up with chains, bags, and whatnot before using it in a dio.
  • If you flipped this around, I think it'd look better. - Scøtty
  • edit: Working on a different muzzlebrake for you gimme a minute - Scøtty
  • *twiddles thumbs* ;-)
  • Scotty doesn't read comments! - kreezzalee
  • never! - Scøtty
  • didn't really pan out. Definitely flip the minifig head around though - Scøtty
  • This section looks pretty neat. - Mr. Block
  • Thank you, finally someone who made it actually accurate with no overhang. - Kitten Krieger
  • Replace by technic double pin connector (65535 IIRC) and you can reverse the head and make it smoother. Win win! - gambort
  • To be fair, a lot of people are building the "Easy 8," which does have an overhang.
  • I really like this machine gun! - psiaki

M4A3 (76)W Sherman Tank (1)

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Since this is my very first tank, I'm indebted to (by which I mean that I shamelessly stole ideas from):
* BrickMania's M4A2
* Phima's M4A3E8
* Milan CMadge's M4A3E8

Constructive feedback on making specific improvements is always welcome.

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  1. Ryan Rubino 57 months ago | reply

    Yeah I was torn between the two Dave but was to lazy to load the dvd and check. A very entertaining flick to be sure.

  2. Milan CMadge 57 months ago | reply

    Awesome. I love it. I think the turret gun needs changing slightly though, apart from that it's pretty darn prefect!

  3. Dave Shaddix 57 months ago | reply

    the turret sucks, its not historically accurate. you should stop building.

  4. TheJaxternator 57 months ago | reply

    Why can everyone build a decent Sherman but me :(

    Awesome one!

  5. Scruffy Mynxbane 57 months ago | reply

    i'm not picky. i like a good tank. As soon as guys start hashing about variants and lengths of slopes and this one had that figgle-widget, no it didn't, that wasn't added until June of forty three, you brainless gnat! Well, i checked Horshwitz's guide to all things microscopically critical and there was a prototype that had that figgle-widget in MARCH, ya incorrect idjit. Horshwitz was a commie and you're a commie and everyone who thinks you're right is a commie sympathizer! My uncle's second cousin's neighbor saw this variant once and he said...

    i start to glaze. i just like tanks. This one reminds me of a Sherman. Shermans remind me of Oddball. Oddball makes me laugh. So thanks!

  6. Scruffy Mynxbane 57 months ago | reply

    You want constructive criticism, give it some decals and a smattering of dust and put it in a kick-@$$ diorama.

  7. psiaki 57 months ago | reply

    Good start! The side profile is what i'm not buying on this guy though, those 2x4 slopes are far too steep IMO. Have you tried doing the side studs out and using a 3x12 wedge? I realize they're difficult to come by in dk gray and you wouldn't have such a nice smooth surface but it would help in sticking stuff to the side...

    my lame comment is that the tread section seems to high compared to the body, but I have no idea how to resolve that without major renovations (actually, I probably don't know how to resolve it with major renovations either).

    good choice for the road wheels too, very accurate!

  8. JMBower 57 months ago | reply

    The tank's great but the soldiers? totally inaccurate historically.

    The US didn't come out with the "square foot boot" and "rectangular leg pant" until post- WWII. And don't even get me started on the "Stud implanted on the top of the bald head" which didn't go into regulation for GI's until well into the cold war...

    I kid.

    Cool looking tank!

  9. The Ranger of Awesomeness 57 months ago | reply

    Looks awesome, man! As others have said, it could use some tweaks, but it's pretty durn good as-is. Perfect for OpB: Europe at War. ;]

  10. eilonwy77 57 months ago | reply

    Historically accurate or not, I wouldn't want it to run me over....


  11. Dave Shaddix 57 months ago | reply

    ^ dude, its only like 3 inches tall. It wouldn't hurt a bit!

  12. eilonwy77 57 months ago | reply

    ^ Har har! Fine. ;-) I wouldn't want it to run my minifig over. :-p Though since those guys are made of plastic, it wouldn't hurt a minifig a bit, either...

  13. Geoffrey the Dragon 57 months ago | reply

    Ooh, nice sherman.

  14. ABStract/ 57 months ago | reply

    Quite nice.

  15. Legoloverman 57 months ago | reply

    Tanks for sharing!

  16. Riley184 [deleted] 57 months ago | reply


  17. peterlmorris 57 months ago | reply

    Who's operating this tank? I've heard Southerners refused to call them "Shermans," as well they should not. Effing war criminal.

    Anyway, this tank is sweet. I just want to know where you got that dark bley head. I know I could use those for sure.

  18. nabeule1 57 months ago | reply

    It's my favorite vehicule!

  19. Dunechaser 23 months ago | reply

    V3, with removable Ford GAA V8 engine:

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