Ozzy Osbourne

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Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer of Black Sabbath, with an animal companion.

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  1. i is Ashby 97 months ago | reply

    Hehe sweet ;o)

  2. ~otto 97 months ago | reply

    That. Is. Awesome! You wouldn't happen to know where/what part that torso is, would you? It looks familiar but I can't seem to find it.

  3. Dunechaser 97 months ago | reply

    The torso's from Lucius Malfoy in one of the Harry Potter sets.

  4. ~otto 97 months ago | reply

    Thanks Dunechaser :) I found it.

  5. Quark Soup 97 months ago | reply

    Shouldn't he be biting a bird's head off or something? ;)

  6. corrao 97 months ago | reply

    wow i love lego!
    but how you can have this particular faces and object?

  7. Evelina K. [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    looks more like harry potter

  8. TheSystemSpider 82 months ago | reply

    shoud've gone with the snape hair.

    Great caricature though.

  9. beetlejuice125 78 months ago | reply

    snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDORE! and snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDORE! snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDORE! and snape, snape, severus snape, DUMBLEDORE!

  10. Patricia Valeria 75 months ago | reply

    This is soooooooo cooool

  11. Isaac Ruiz 75 months ago | reply

    hahahahah good1!!!!

  12. I♥MJ 73 months ago | reply

    He actually bit off a bats head. (Dove too.)

  13. Rowdy69 73 months ago | reply

    You can also try using one of these Doc Ock heads:
    I found that when used with that hair it looks pretty good.

  14. I♥MJ 73 months ago | reply

    The ugha warrior hair is what I use when I get bored and make him

  15. Kiss-My-Head 59 months ago | reply

    haha. He's cool.

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