SPARTAN Variants

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Because it's just fun sometimes to play dress-up with little plastic figures.

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  1. floodllama 61 months ago | reply

    You and your dress-up. You're really just bragging aren't you? :-)

  2. worker201 61 months ago | reply

    Haha, the photography light was pretty good today!

  3. Dunechaser 61 months ago | reply

    *sniff* Noooo... Okay, maybe just a little.

    Better than I'd expected. :-) Sunlight filtered through thin clouds and frosted windows seems to have worked okay.

  4. rage_krisnha 61 months ago | reply

    Tiny little plastic man is great...
    I just wish they are not that expensive...

  5. Shwooshy 61 months ago | reply

    Cool, the E.V.A is my favorite.
    ^There $1.75 for helmet, and same price for amor. The visor is $.75. I guess it's not too much.

  6. Riley184 [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

    I don't mind the 'forge energy sword but personally I like the color of the brickarms color.

  7. Shwooshy 61 months ago | reply

    ^Yeah, I think there a Brickarms colrs are a little closer to LEGO's and a bit better too.

  8. Hound Knight 61 months ago | reply

    ^ Actually the BF colors are an exact match to those of the official LEGO elements.

  9. Shwooshy 61 months ago | reply

    ^Oh, I dont have alot of BF items yet, and when I usually go around to use some on minifigs it's usualy dark out, or very sunny. Well I was always wondering that and that awnsered my question.

  10. legodude181 60 months ago | reply

    wow, whole thing is awesome but that spiker, is the BEST!

  11. Raequan 60 months ago | reply

    Great job with the EVA Spartan. Any plans for a shot with both groups?

  12. MooseBot 60 months ago | reply

    Nice Lacedaemonians!


  13. TheVoidofBricks [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

    Are they from Lego HALO?

  14. MooseBot 59 months ago | reply

    ^ LEGO doesn't make HALO. Here Dunechaser is using official LEGO elements along with custom pieces from BrickArms and BrickForge

    I don't know if that answers your question.

  15. John 3000 59 months ago | reply

    Very cool! Fun shots.

  16. --THX1138-- 51 months ago | reply


    nice needeler
    or somefing

  17. Pitch White 39 months ago | reply

    Hey, um where do you get the purple, pink, and yellow spartan armor from, I mean they don't sell it on lol :]

  18. shaodowdarknight 26 months ago | reply

    can you please make it easyer than ebay join up with the lego company or do your own type of off branch legos compatable stuff becase mega blocks don't really work with legos

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