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Zombie Apocafest 2009 - Delivered by The Brothers Brick

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Sigfigs of each contributor who attended BrickCon 2009.

The Brothers Brick delivery truck by Proudlove.

Full photoset by Yupa-sama (used with permission).

Full write-up of Zombie Apocafest 2009 on The Brothers Brick.

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  1. Cat Juggling 67 months ago | reply

    Great display this year. Glad to be a part of it!

  2. dover ☄ 67 months ago | reply

    these guys look familiar

  3. nolnet 67 months ago | reply

    Wait, Dan is unarmed. Does he use The Force? And is that Tim or Nannan in the Truck. And where is the other one?

  4. Lloyd W [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    Nathan Wells far right?

  5. plums_deify 67 months ago | reply

    L-R: Dan, Caylin, Andrew, Josh, Thanel.

  6. Dunechaser 67 months ago | reply

    As Caylin correctly identifies, these were just the sigfigs of the contributors who were at BrickCon. The truck is actually by Nathan Proudlove, who built it using engraved bricks we handed out at BrickCon 2008.

    (Lloyd W: Unfortunately, Nathan Wells is no longer an active contributor. We wish he were, but life sometimes gets in the way.)

  7. Model Gal 67 months ago | reply

    How did I not get one of those bricks last year?

  8. Dunechaser 67 months ago | reply

    You clearly didn't know how to ask for one (announced on the blog several days before the con). ;-)

  9. Lloyd W [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    It's funny, because his last post (as far as I'm aware) was titled 'The Many Poses of Lloyd Whittle'.
    Odd :P
    Who is it then?

  10. "Squeezy" 67 months ago | reply

    wait is the zombie apocafest happening?
    sorry i am not catching up on all the lego

  11. plums_deify 67 months ago | reply

    The apocalypse is over. All gone!

    Lloyd, the last one on the right is Thanel.

  12. "Squeezy" 67 months ago | reply

    aaahhh. is there going to be a apocafest 2010?

  13. Proudlove 67 months ago | reply

    That'd be me driving the truck. Not a Brother Brick, just the chauffeur.

  14. Dunechaser 67 months ago | reply

    No. We'll be announcing what we're doing for BrickCon 2010 soon.

  15. "Squeezy" 67 months ago | reply

    ok thx Dune i owe you one
    but i still wish that i could have made it to
    the apocafest 09

  16. Lordbrickman 67 months ago | reply

    Brickarms cricket bat! Cool. I've been looking forward to this

  17. D.S.T Trooper 67 months ago | reply

    Now, Lets just tie Tim up and use him as bait.......
    Just kidding

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