• Yup, all it says here is "The lego version of Monty Python's ministry of silly walks". No attribution. - Bohman

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My Ministry of Silly Walks vignette as featured on the front page of the business section of NRC Handelsblad (an evening newspaper in The Netherlands). Thanks to Martin Jaspers for sending this to me and translating the headline, "A futuristic police car doesn't sell."

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  1. Unit 186 [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

    Ooh, that's interesting.

  2. whateverly 90 months ago | reply

    Yeah, congratulations.

  3. Kaptain Kobold 90 months ago | reply

    Did they ask if they could use it?

  4. -Mainman- 90 months ago | reply

    Very cool...But what does the vig have to do with futuristic police cars or economics?

  5. parl [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

    kudos and congrats.
    [did I say kudos out loud?]

  6. Dunechaser 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks for all the congratulations, everybody!

    KK: Nope, no attribution. And honestly, yes, that's a problem. :-\

    MM: An excellent question. Anyone read Dutch? ;-)

  7. Bohman 90 months ago | reply

    I don't know any dutch at all, but since it is part of the german language family (and has a few similarities with regular german and swedish of which I both know some) I believe I can understand a bit of it. Here goes nothing:

    "Speelgoedmaker Lego was het spoor bijster, hard ingrijpen was nodig."

    "Toy manufacturer Lego was [...], it was necessary to intervene."

    Uh, yeah.

    And I definitely think you should contact them for attribution. Your license specifically states that attribution is necessary, as well as only non-commercial use. They have stolen your pictures, which I have a big problem with. Here is their web site, which is a good place to start looking for contact info.

  8. Bohman 90 months ago | reply

    After looking at the article in full size, I believe it is about TLC finally making money again instead of loosing it. The article seems to discuss the changes made by the company.

  9. Bohman 90 months ago | reply

    Heck, I got so worked up by this that I went ahead and got you the e-mail adress (as their contact page has a few to choose from).

    "Algemeen e-mailadres redactie NRC Handelsblad:


    "General e-mail adress for the NRC Handelsblad office: nrc@nrc.nl". Now go get them.

    Sorry about the triple post.

  10. Dunechaser 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks Bohman. You da man. E-mail sent.

  11. Bohman 90 months ago | reply

    Nice. Keep us posted.

  12. Digger Digger Dogstar 90 months ago | reply

    Congrats Andrew! Did you get anywhere with the attribution issue? I had a similar problem with my LEGO Beatles picures, but because strictly speaking I was in breach of copywrite, I didn't feel I had a leg to stand on (no Heather Mills pun intended)

  13. bldesign 90 months ago | reply

    The article appears to be about Lego's financial issues in recent years...

  14. Dunechaser 90 months ago | reply

    Still no response from NRC. Oh well. Thanks for the congratulations and support, everyone.

    DDD: I immediately thought of your recent newspaper coverage when I got these pictures in my Inbox. I hadn't thought of this, but I suppose I'd be in similar shoes with my depiction of MP. :-\

  15. Mr Apollo 83 months ago | reply

    Love your pictures, Dunechaser. Being a Dutch LEGO-fan and translator, let me clarify the sentence in question:
    "Speelgoedmaker Lego was het spoor bijster, hard ingrijpen was nodig."

    "Toy manufacturer Lego had lost track, it was necessary to intervene."
    The article is about LEGO's problems as a company. Concepts like Jack Stone flopped and they were making easy money with all the themes like Harry Potter and all that. But children don't want to build an action figure like Jack Stone in two minutes. They want to be proud of what they've built. So LEGO should go back to basics: It's all about the little building blocks again. No more futuristic stuff. Just blocks and imagination.
    p.s. Just saw your new Hotel. Must have it...

  16. Dunechaser 83 months ago | reply

    Excellent -- thanks for the translation, Mr. Apollo!

  17. Kaptain Kobold 83 months ago | reply

    : thanks for the translation, Mr. Apollo!

    Apparently he can uproot trees with his bare hands as well :-)

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