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How to Make a Princess

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Saw this in the castle layout next to a little black hut at NWBrickCon, but my battery was dead and I couldn't take a picture of the MOC card. Speak up if this was your design/idea.

1. Take the head off an old BASIC "finger puppet."
2. Insert a Technic axle pin into an axle joiner.
3. Put the axle pin and joiner inside the old fig's body and thread the pin through the head-hole.
4. Insert the Technic pin into the minifig torso.

Note: The Technic pin will only fit into an old-style minifig torso. The new-style torsos have flanges (or something) that prevent it from fitting.

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  1. legosheep 103 months ago | reply

    That was Gary McIntire's hut and figure. I can't remember if he said it was his idea or if he got it from someone else.

  2. Dunechaser 103 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tom! Okay MrGSnot, care to confirm or deny? ;-)

  3. Dunechaser 103 months ago | reply

    An anonymous commenter on my blog pointed me to Michael Jasper's "Things" folder, wherein lies Gary's probably inspiration:


  4. Hessianizer 77 months ago | reply

    Oh so you ram a large *thing* up her skirt and that makes her a princess?

  5. ASneary 72 months ago | reply

    ....found any good use for the finger-puppet head?

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