• I never really looked at a globe, and they don't teach us shit in school; is this ALL part of Canada or is there another country up there? - kreezzalee
  • That is Canada. It's bigger than the US. The block near it is Greenland which is kind of part of Denmark but kind of not. - gambort
  • Canada does have more land area than the U.S, but this map is also a mercator projection, which distorts northern landmasses a great deal. ie: greenland is big, but not the same size as africa, which is in fact larger than north america - jonpalmer
  • And thanks, I just discovered the "map projection" category on wikipedia....as if I didn't have enough bullshit to look up already. - jonpalmer
  • Next year's goal: conquer Africa! - Nathan Wells
  • I'm actually surprised Canada (and Australia for that matter) isn't greener. - Nathan Wells
  • What, no Mongolian AFOLs? - bruce n h
  • Many games of Risk seem to end like this, with the winner finally encroaching on Africa, with the last losing holdout in Madagascar. - bruce n h
  • Google Analytics counts Greenland separately from Denmark (as implied by Tim's note on Canada), so it's cool to see that we have a few visitors from Greenland. :-D
  • No North Korean AFOLs either, apparently. ;-)

    (This is as small as I can make the box. Sorry Manchuria!)
  • 30/300 is small... 20/300 is even smaller. 60/300 for the UK seems to be enough. - gambort
  • It'll be easier if you provide them with the internet. Perhaps some transatlantic cable? - whateverly
  • I live here! ( The Netherlands) - Bart Willen
  • I live here! - LegoKiwi

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  1. gambort 89 months ago | reply

    Can you make that with better colour contrast for the chromatically challenged amongst us?

  2. Dunechaser 89 months ago | reply

    Sorry Tim, this is the way it comes out of Google Analytics, and I'm Photoshop-challenged. :-P

  3. aulddragon 89 months ago | reply

    We must not forget Poland!

  4. Dunechaser 89 months ago | reply

    Here's the breakdown of the top ten countries:

    1. USA
    2. UK
    3. Canada
    4. Japan
    5. The Netherlands
    6. Australia
    7. Germany
    8. Poland (not forgotten!)
    9. Spain
    10. Italy

    The U.S. represents an overwhelming majority of visitors, which is why nearly all of the other countries are such a light green.

  5. floodllama 89 months ago | reply

    Next year, when we conquer Africa, dibs on Madagascar!

  6. Mr-terrence 89 months ago | reply

    And I lay claim to Mozambique!

  7. -=Xeta=- 89 months ago | reply

    Oh my gosh! You eated Hawaii? :0

  8. snowboardfish 82 months ago | reply

    Xeta is right!! i crapped my pants!! i live in hawaii!! Jk, anyway I call Niggerria when we capture Africa....... wait.

  9. LegoKiwi 73 months ago | reply

    Why nobody in New Zealand? :(

  10. Dunechaser 73 months ago | reply

    ^ In 2007, we had 1694 visits from The Land of the Long White Cloud, and that jumped to 9,330 in 2008. In fact, I visited Auckland myself in December. :-)

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