BrickArms M1 Garand Test Mold

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    Prototype M1 Garand from BrickArms, with early test mold, guns still on sprue, and custom minifig.

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    1. Derek Almen 92 months ago | reply

      That face is very nice.

    2. Nannan Z. 92 months ago | reply

      How'd you get your hands on a mold?

    3. Dunechaser 92 months ago | reply

      Will lent it to me so I could take pictures like this.

    4. Scøtty 92 months ago | reply

      oh man... Band of Brothers Vig time

    5. Jesse777 81 months ago | reply

      Hey i know the brickarms site and how did you make that mould?

    6. Dunechaser 81 months ago | reply

      ^ See my response to Nannan several comments up.

    7. Dunechaser 80 months ago | reply

      ^ Nope, these are prototype molds, not production molds.

    8. thiefmaster715 78 months ago | reply

      Cant Brickarms make desgined weapons like suppressed or army camo?
      desert camo?
      black army camo?

    9. jpgames000 77 months ago | reply

      where did you get the mould? I'd like to make my own costom lego pieces(NOT Brickarms) and i don't know where to get them.

    10. jpgames000 77 months ago | reply

      wow, I should really read the ohter posts before posting. Anyway, could you ask Will how to make my own costom accessories? I wanna make stuff Brickarms doesn't make, like cellphones, better animals, plants, and other stuff like that. I can't beleive that you're so lucky that your friends with Will. He's a great guy.

    11. -scraps- 64 months ago | reply

      those moulds cost at least $1,000 USD!

    12. Brian's Bricks 55 months ago | reply

      The production molds cost 1,000, not indevigual prototype ones

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