• I love these bikes.

    (Oh, and let the note-party begin.)
  • Not sure I'm so keen on these boxes...
  • I wonder if they are hollow? - Chewk
  • I feel like they have potential; it looks like they have a 2x2 tile on top. I'm thinking thrusters and guns and all manner of delightful things. - [Carter]
  • WHAT?!? you call this a sean conery face?!? dosn't look at all like him! oh well - Wafflebottom
  • Shouldn't this be a machine gun? - marcnelsonjr
  • The box on the other side is definitely not 2x2. Maybe it's just the angle that this one is at that makes it look that way. - mondayn00dle
  • Or could be vice-versa - the box is angled weirdly. I'm just an optimist about new bricks like these. - [Carter]
  • I'd say 2x2 definitely, compare the one on the other side to the elements surrounding it...same width as the 1x2 tiles - bread_man_017
  • Yeah Carter, your link proves it's 2x2. You win ;-) - mondayn00dle
  • Aren't these movies rated PG-13? - Azaghal Gabilzaramul
  • Maybe they're different sizes. Seems doubtful, but they don't really look anything alike, proportions-wise. - Shadow Viking
  • Hurrah! Victory in the most trivial debate known to man! : ) - [Carter]
  • nope. - i'm out of here
  • If you want to be specific he should also be a Nazi but I can understand TLG not wanting kids playing with such. - bread_man_017
  • even if they were, so's SW Episode 3. - DRK-1
  • Om, I'm sure the have that potential, but I'm not sure what that potential is yet. - нawк
  • I claim this space (SPACE!) property of the Hawk Weisman Empire. - нawк
  • Mine! - Shadow Viking
  • Awesome! Red flag! - Kevoh
  • Pointless note. - CMcNam86
  • Well, there's that, and as was stated, Germany IS their biggest market... - plums_deify
  • You're the man now, dog! - dover ☄
  • You've been conquered! Man, note wars are good, clean fun. - That Lego Kid
  • They should have a guard in there at least - Jedd the Jedi
  • I will stab you with bullets - Chewk
  • those are old-school - legosamurai
  • Gray Pith Helmet... - corran101
  • This hat could be useful.. - jacksonbricks
  • 73h n0735... 73y k33p c0m1n6! - Shadow Viking
  • This is a note. That is all. - нawк
  • Pointless notes are good clean fun in a note-war, but let's keep them off the Product (and other people's notes). ;-)
  • Muhaha! - Shadow Viking

7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase

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  1. [Carter] 91 months ago | reply

    I'm torn between buying up lots of Indy, and buying lots of the new dwarf sets. I might actually buy real sets for my Lego needs this year.

  2. [Carter] 91 months ago | reply

    lol, of course I'll be getting both, I just can't decide how to balance them. Do I get two of the set with the truck and lots of soldiers? Only one Dwarfs Mining, but several of the set with two orcs and one dwarf?? Decisions!

    And I do think those crates are 2x2, at least at the base. They look like they might be seven plates high. And I'll wager money on those tops being removable; I'd be very surprised if Lego molded a seperately colored piece for the top without it being able to come off.

  3. Blind|Bricks 91 months ago | reply

    They look like the crates form crash bandicoot with the ? on them

  4. Azaghal Gabilzaramul 91 months ago | reply

    Maybe there are two new crates - a 1x2 and a 2x2.

  5. Jedd the Jedi 91 months ago | reply

    Will be getting these, maybe two!

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