• Organizing the Olympics.
  • Now the bronze are really blue, and they're also the back side of the gold. So no flipping, okay? Honor system. - lights
  • "WTF am I supposed to do?" - Shadow Viking
  • The best show in the world!!!! - Wafflebottom
  • Yesssss! - (-Dace-)
  • Jabba? - Bart Willen
  • Purple-box of happy! - RichardAM
  • Looks like a dewback. - </arpy>
  • UK Office pwns this watered-down US shite. - §┬≡╖z
  • Dewback -- it's one of my creatures bins.
  • I have no opposable thumbs! - Cat Juggling
  • Cool curtains. - Crystallin
  • I cant haz laygoes. - Skinny Pete Deux
  • The beginnings of a pavilian for the joust, before I realized I didn't have enough of the right kind of slope pieces. Grrrr!!!
  • Headz!
  • ApocaLEGO
  • And this is the cable to the PS2. ;-)
  • Torso Box (1 of 3)
  • Torso Box (2 of 3)
  • Torso Box (3 of 3)
  • My wife made them from tablecloths. :-D I like them, but she thinks they overwhelm the room...
  • From what I can see I agree with your wife. - Skinny Pete Deux

I suck at building...

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...so I let Pugsly have a go. He also enjoys The Office on reruns.

(Still trying to build some last-minute stuff for NWBrickCon.)

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  1. lights 91 months ago | reply

    You too, eh? :D

  2. woolloomooloo 91 months ago | reply

    let pudsly help, but he looks abit confuse on where to begin ;)
    luuuuve the office too!! did you watch the original british version too?

  3. peterlmorris 91 months ago | reply

    Best show ever. Your pooch looks worried about something. Did he eat a brick? Also, looks like you need to update to Wii.

  4. RichardAM [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

    My dog always gets in the way of building, thankfully though, she knows they're not consumption- building only!

    Stick with the GC btw, the Wii, currently, isn't worth it.

  5. Cat Juggling 91 months ago | reply

    I reached my limit on what I felt I could complete for the Pirate Sail In and started on a random "Pirate island lookout type thing" last night. We'll see if it gets finished. :p

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