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    long exposure flashing torch at camera from various positions.

    a href="">Movie Ideas Flickr group, this could be in a movie: A group of young emo's are hanging out in Newtown cementary on Friday night when they are ambushed by aliens

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    1. Kiavash Hamidi 93 months ago | reply

      Originality for me is a big issue and that's why i have rated you 8. however, it could have been a 10 if it wasnt so blurry. I know u did long exposure but at least something needs to be sharp in this type of photography. Like the trees that arent moving. or the stars.

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    2. duncan elms 93 months ago | reply

      yes it is hard to focus on certain objects at night.

    3. ozoni11 93 months ago | reply

      Close Encounters

      Score 8.5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    4. Derell Licht 93 months ago | reply

      That's what I thought, too!! (Close Encounters). However, I agree with others that the lack of focus seriously hurts the impression. Also, it would have been ALOT more compelling if there was some foreground object to act as a focus, perhaps to explain why the lights are zooming in.

      Score 3/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    5. Fishtail@Taipei 92 months ago | reply

      the light star effect is nice ... what's the strange light on the sky .. ?

      Score 7/10 (from the TEN group).

    6. jdiazpdemadrid 92 months ago | reply

      Interesting. Not an easy shot to do.
      Score _7_/10 (from the TEN group).

    7. cobraphil8 92 months ago | reply

      same question of Fishtail@Taipai

      Score 7/10 (from the TEN group).

    8. duncan elms 92 months ago | reply

      I pointed a torch at the camera from various positions in the scene. This created the light crown effect.

    9. snowsoulmate 92 months ago | reply

      Score 8/10 (from the TEN group).

    10. green_lover 92 months ago | reply

      Score 7/10 (from the TEN group).

    11. impok 92 months ago | reply

      Score 6/10 (from the TEN group).Score 6/10 (from the TEN group).

    12. Rainfall_Media 92 months ago | reply

      Score _7_/10 (from the TEN group).
      feels like an alien world

    13. stempel 92 months ago | reply

      Score 7/10 (from the TEN group).

    14. Cinto1 92 months ago | reply

      Score 6/10 (from the TEN group).

    15. Silvia Antunes 92 months ago | reply

      Score 6/10 (from the TEN group).

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