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Adult male mosquito by Spike Walker

B0007540 Adult mosquito (male)

Credit: Spike Walker. Wellcome Images

This photomicrograph is of a male adult mosquito from the Culex genus. Culex is a species of mosquito that lays its eggs in clusters on water. The larva live on the water and develop into the pupa stage - the stage at which it metamorphoses into an adult. This image shows a male mosquito. The males don\'t feed on blood, nstead they feed on nectar from plants. Only female mosquitoes need to feed on blood, because they need blood protein to make eggs.


This particular mosquito does not transmit disease, although some species of Culex mosquitoes are the vectors of major diseases such as West Nile virus and Japanese encephalitis. Anopheles mosquitoes, the cousins of Culex mosquitoes, transmit the deadly disease malaria.


2011 Wellcome Image Award winner.

Light microscopy

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