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Professor Forgotten Password

I would love to meet the eminent Professor Forgotten Password. They have published extensively in many different fields and been widely cited! At least, according to Google Scholar, which is full of mistaken "identities" like this, it even thinks I'm Maurice Wilkins. Duh.


Found these anomalies via Péter Jacsó at the University of Hawaii who says:


"After seeing left and right author names like F. Password, V Findings, N Vietnam, S.Vietnam, it was surprising to notice one of the new software features of Google Scholar, the cluster of authors related to the user’s query as explained in the help file. My test search shows the suggested authors from a set of purportedly 2,9110,000 records on the topic of risk factor evaluation with the following names: P Population, R Evaluation, M Data, R Findings and M Results. Google Scholar flaunts its software deficiencies and does not provide any hints about the limitation of the software" see [1]


Well what can you expect from Beta software?


Professors Ann Arbor, Milton Keynes, Already Registered, Access Denied and Please Login are all pretty active in their fields too. But it is probably best to leave the last word to a certain Mr Conclusion and a Mrs Future Work, from the University of Unfinished Software.


[1] Péter Jacsó (2008) Savvy searching - Google Scholar revisited. Online Information Review 32: 102-11 DOI:10.1108/14684520810866010 (see also Defrosting the Digital Library)

[2] Douglas Kell (2009) What’s in a name? Guest, ghost and indeed quite imaginary authorships BBSRC blogs


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Uploaded on February 21, 2009