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307. (tagged)

today was quite a nice day

and i'm seeing my dad tonight, and he always buys me a punnet of fruit, and if hagendas icecream is still on sale, we can get some of that and have a feast to top it all off :)


i'm actually happy with this, so that's good i suppose.


i hope you've all had a lovely day! :)


(the colourful blobs are flowers by the way)


taggeddddddddd: (sorry if you don't like being tagged, feel free to untag yourself, and such)

1. currently my favourite song is 'vicar in a tutu' by the smiths

2. i sing in the school choir, and we're doing a greece medley, and it's so much fun, hahah :)

3.i'm going to reading festival this year, and i simply cannot wait!

4. i also can't wait for summer in general. i just really really love summer.

5. the weather effects my personality so hugely. i'm the most boring person in the world in winter. but in the summer i'm pretty damn happy.

6. i'm suffering from a case of 'liking someone who doesn't particularly care for your existence' woohoo. :(

7. my favourite food type is fruit. and then vegetables. and then nutella. or preferable fruit AND nutella... :D

8. according to SO many people, i "look like a vegetarian" though i'm not... hahaha

9. somebody said i had 'the shiniest eyes' today, it's made my week. :)

10. i'm so much happier in myself than i was a year ago. i think i might actually fit in here.

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Taken on March 2, 2011