Wien Stephansplatz — Montezuma's Feathered Crown
Kopilli Ketzalli is the Aztec word for "precious crown" and it refers to the sacred feathercrown of Montezuma, the ninth tlahtoani (emperor) of the Aztecs. This headdress has been in possession of the Austrians since 1524. It is currently located in the Museum of Ethnology (Volkerkundmuseum) in Vienna.
Since 1986, descendants of the Aztec Nation have been gathering signatures in the streets of Europe to petition the Austrian government. They want the sacred feathercrown returned to the country of its origin for display in the Anthropological National Museum of Mexico City (Museo Nacional de Antropologia) which is built over the remains of Montezuma's residence. These Indians hold that, when the feathercrown returns to this sacred place, the Indian Sun will dawn over all the planet and teach harmony, peace and respect to all people. To date, they have gathered over 150,000 signatures. Please see —
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