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Worcester Fight the Cuts!!!!! 2011

MORE THAN 150 people marched through the city centre to the sound of drums as they protested against Government cuts.

Trade unionists and members of an anti-cuts group were joined by people of all ages and professions as they voiced their anger at proposed cuts to public services and jobs.

They were led from Mealcheapen Street by a band of drummers and held up placards carrying messages

including 'Fight the Cuts, 'Big Society, Big Con' and 'Closed Libraries, Closed Minds'.

The protesters made their way to Huntingdon Hall where a Rally for the Alternative was staged featuring main speakers Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigade Union (FBU), and Tania Young, the chair of

West Mercia Napo branch.

They spoke out against the Government's austerity measures in dealing with the national deficit and put

forward alternatives including cracking down on tax evasion and not renewing Trident. Other rallies are expected to take place in the run up to a March for the Alternative mass demonstration on March 25 in London.

Neil Laurenson, Spokesman for Worcester Trades Union Council (TUC) which organsied the rally, said the event had been an enormous success.

He said: "I think members of the pub- He generally agreed with us and there were people there we had never

seen before so it wasn't - just a case of preaching to the converted.

"The Government's argument in dealing with the deficit doesn't wash anymore. We are proposing alternatives to cuts like a tax on financial transactions which would raise billions and not renewing Trident.

"We are very clear about the alternatives and cuts don't need to happen at all."

Pete McNally, from campaign group Worcester Against the Cuts, added: "Up until now the Government has got away with a lot because it has been just talk but from now on the impact will start to be felt by people as they see services cut."


By : Tim Clarke.

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Taken on February 12, 2011