UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab covers project

dublab.com is a radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music and culture. We are a grassroots center for creative expression. dublab spreads beautiful future roots music via the world's best djs. Over the past four years millions of listeners have connected to our audio streams.

What is UP OUR SLEEVE? Music memories, paper, paint, ink, ribbons, paste, plastic, photos, metal, vinyl, trains, tape, mannequin heads, and magic. Out of wartime and low cash woes came inspiration for united creativity. We distributed hundreds of blank 12" record sleeves to our artistic friends who passed them onto their pals and on and on. UP OUR SLEEVE reflects the dublab community. We are rooted in Los Angeles while branching worldwide.

dublab is in love with vinyl and the deep culture that surrounds it. Sadly, album art has been shrinking: 12" -> 5" -> invisible MP3's. UP OUR SLEEVE is an opportunity to expand again. Our sleeves are big. A square foot of fun with a hole tossed in the middle. A blank 12" cover is an exciting medium. It's instantly recognizable and infinitely adjustable.

Most often album covers are made to match existing music. UP OUR SLEEVE flips this paradigm. The pieces are influenced by music genres and albums while existing free of specific attachment. This is open artistic expression. Who knows, someday songs might be sung for these covers.

UP OUR SLEEVE: the dublab covers project is a fundraiser. Each artist donated their one of a kind creation. The sleeves will be auctioned off online to support dublab's positive music transmissions. Keep your eyes on upoursleeve.org for auction dates.

UP OUR SLEEVE is an exploration of deep music imagery. We hope you dig it.

-Brandy Flower & frosty
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