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Mowgli Hates Diapers | by DTWX
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Mowgli Hates Diapers

Mowgli Hates Diapers


Created/Modified: Friday, December 14, 2007, 6:35:25 PM


An alteration of “Blah Censorship!” but this time drawn as Mowgli as He was SUPPOSED to be as intended by the Author.


What really baffled me as a child watching the Disney version of ‘The Jungle Book’ is where in God’s Green Earth did Mowgli get those tacky red underpants from?

Did he get them from some abandoned Men’s Warehouse around there? Do ANY of the woodland creatures even sense that he is in his Neutral Form? It’s really stupid, if you stop to think about it. I don’t wanna say “Naked” cuz animals don’t understand that word.


I purchased “The Jungle Book: Platinum Edition” for my mom (:D) and after seeing the film and the Documentaries, I can certainly understand the flaws that were between the movie and the original novel, and the fact as to why some of the relatives of Kipling were outraged at Walt for the inaccuracies that were depicted in the feature. Such as the fact that “Mowgli” was pronounced “MAW-Glee” and not “MOW-Glee”. The spelling is written the same, but the pronunciation is different, because it was an Indianan term.


Of course I’ve always been a fan of Wild Childs, and having them dressed in tattered clothes and rags does add a sense of style and coolness about them. And on the other hand, having them in a state of undress adds a Definitive State of Savagery because they lack any aspect of civilian recognition, or knowledge of the Force. :jedi: ;p


One thing about Mowgli from the novel is that his whole body is uncovered, wearing nothing, which was Important by the Author because it symbolized his reputation of the Jungle, and the visage of his own Humanity. Live action shows can do whatever they want with his appearance, but when it comes to Hand Drawn techniques it’s best just to leave him in His Original Human Form. Bodies are not Evil, if you stop to think about it.


Here are some Great Artwork Links that further explore the Intended Kipling Novel:

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If I catch any more, I’ll be sure to add them on here, cuz accuracy is cool. 👍:D


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