sergius ruegenberg
sergius ruegenberg: (* 17th of. January 1903 in Sankt Petersburg / Russland; † 23th of march 1996 in Berlin) was a really big master of architecture, but unfortunately almost unknown outside of germany or even in germany.

he was a genius in drawing sketches too.

he worked for many masters as MIES VAN DER ROHE BETWEEN 1924-1930 and he designed in the first sketches the BARCALONA CHAIR. he was the project architect for the BARCELONA PAVILLION. he designed a good part from the VILLA TUGENTHAT. as many designs more.

He worked also for BRUNO PAUL betwen 1920 -1924.

after the 2nd world war he was working for HANS SCHAROUN around 10 years.

HIs own architecture is as matter of fact more a SCHAROUN one.

Besides his private house he shared his office with wolf von möllendorff which was studying under Tessenow and worked later for walter march.

I will try to capture more and more of his marvelous projects he did in Berlin .
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