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"Zoolander"... That is the new nickname im giving my sister lol.. Everytime i try and take shots of her she always goes into her Zoolaner bag and starts throwing out Blue Steel, Le Tigra, and even Magnum.. I always have to tell her to smile, and even then its so hard to get her to agree hahah.. This captured moment is rare, and it took several tries to get just right, but alas i was able to get her big smile on cam!! hahaha... I dont know what it is about my cam, but shes always smiling, until she sees me poiting it at her :D

I love hanging out with my sis, we have the most unfiltered conversations ever lol, and we do the most random things. Like driving for 30mins in random paterns trying to find just the right place to eat haha...


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Taken on October 1, 2010