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Plastic frisbees last about five minutes with her. That's why I am ordering a Kevlar Frisbee. Maybe that will last ten minutes.

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  1. Keemka 99 months ago | reply

    she looks like a muppet!

  2. Secgeek06 99 months ago | reply

    She is so friggin cute...

  3. hexodus... 99 months ago | reply

    sometimes she does look like a muppet/cartoon. i love it.

  4. Annie Madine 99 months ago | reply

    i still need to meet bananananana...hey, is this your house? www.flickr.com/photos/dangerpaws/252618718/

  5. Abby K 99 months ago | reply

    she smiles so much! adorable!

  6. chuckwheat 99 months ago | reply

    Happy as the day is long!

  7. hexodus... 99 months ago | reply

    That IS our house. And that butterfly you are are handling was part of a herd of them. The babies munched on leaves, the adults wandered around the flowers and the teenagers created cacoons.

  8. MAKSTER 99 months ago | reply

    The above comment was left by me, sorry. :(

  9. Brett A. Fernau 99 months ago | reply

    A kevlar frisbee. What a great idea. Hope it works, though I have doubts.

  10. Malingering 99 months ago | reply

    has banana met smokey and bruster yet?

  11. hexodus... 99 months ago | reply

    no. i think such a meeting would end in tears, sadly.

  12. Keemka 99 months ago | reply

    i think she has enough room in that mouth for our entire cat family

  13. Doggie Luver 99 months ago | reply

    She is very pretty!! That frisbee looks like the one's my dogs get a hold of!

  14. bojaboy 99 months ago | reply

    What is this ANIMAL?
    Dangerpaws, if I were you I would be trembling and pulling my big bunny ears as close to my body as possible.

  15. Go Sox 33 99 months ago | reply

    Oh my goodness. I love her smile. I love when my pup smiles...the best!

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