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From Little Shop of Horrors


According to legend, Johannes Faustus, a German astrologer in the early 1500s, sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for knowledge. Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeare, wrote The History of the Damnable Life, and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus in 1592. Johann Goethe first published his version of Faust in 1808. Damn Yankees was a musical produced on Broadway in 1955. The plot concerned a fan of the Washington Senators baseball team who sold his soul to the devil in order to help the Senators win against the New York Yankees.

Little Shop was first presented as a black and white film in 1960. It was a low-budget production filmed in only a few days on a small rental set that was scheduled to be demolished. It became a cult classic at a time when low-budget science fiction was all the rage. Jack Nicholson played a masochistic dental patient in the film. In 1982 it was produced as a major musical and played for 2,209 performances on Broadway. In 1986 the movie version was produced starring Rich Moranis, Steve Martin and Ellen Greene. It was directed by Frank Oz.

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