Egypt Clashes - May 2012
On April 27, 2012 thousands of Egyptians decided to march to Defense Ministry headquarters. Military Police and Central Security Forces blocked the way to the Ministry from Abassiya. Protesters decided to start a sit-in in front of army troops on April 28.

Majority of protesters were Salafis (mostly supporters of ousted presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail), who protested Article 28 of Constitutional Deceleration (which states that results of Presidential Electoral Commission PEC can't be appealed).

But all the people in the sit-in had a common/main demand, which is for SCAF to leave.

Military Police, Central Security Forces, and Thunderbolt Special Forces clashed with protesters who marched to Abbasiya near Egypt's Defense Ministry on May 4, 2012.

Molotov cocktails, live ammo, teargas, stones and even swords. It was literally a war.
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