KairUs: Forensic Fantasies
Forensic Fantasies (2016) is a series of three artworks developed by KairUs (Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle) after an artist in residence program in Ghana, and dealing with data breaches of private information. In the artworks, KairUs use data that was recovered from hard-drives dumped in Agbogbloshie, Ghana and collected after a process of field research. Reports suggest that at this e-waste dump, criminals extract data from hard-drives to demand payments from their pre-owners or to resell the information...

The exhibition opened in Filodrammatica Gallery (Korzo 28/1, Rijeka) on 12th April, 2018.

Photo credits: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more

More: drugo-more.hr/en/kairus-forensic-fantasies/
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