"This Herbarium is a different kind of collection, one that instead of pressed plant matter maintains movement and forms that take place between two catastrophes, between two natural or other disasters. Herbarium emerged from a curiosity about ecology as “the science of planetary housekeeping” and from the idea of excess in dance as waste material, whereby this surplus becomes understood as a source of information and an archive of the processes recycled through dance...

Herbarium is interested in the interdependence of different forms of life and environment, it imagines a snail as it falls asleep and dreams of being a mushroom."

The project Herbarium is a co-production of Artistic organization Mašina and BADco., one of the first activities of a three-year choreographic research and production process Labor of Panic produced in the framework of Dopolavoro flagship of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project, with support from the City of Rijeka – Department of Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Choreography and performance: Antonia Dorbić, Marta Krešić, Lana Šprajcer
Dramaturgy: Nina Gojić
Costume design: Katarina Perić
Music: Adam Lončar
Visual design: Antonia Dorbić and Roko Jurjević
Production: Romana Brajša (executive producer) and Ana Letunić (on behalf of the artistic organization Mašina)

Photo credits: Tanja Kanazir

More: drugo-more.hr/en/herbarium/
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