Sanela Jahić: Uncertainty-in-the-Loop
Presented at Delta Lab (Delta 5, Rijeka) in the framework of Dopolavoro flagship of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project, "Uncertainty-in-the-Loop" is the exhibition by Slovenian artist Sanela Jahić.

Visit the exhibition until November 27, 2020, Monday to Satuday from 4 to 8 pm.

In her recent work, Sanela Jahić converted her labour as an artist – her works, research and interests of the past 14 years – into data. As data, the features of her artworks become tables of numbers; each creative decision emerges in a row of digits. The artist then turned the decision making over to a predictive algorithm. The machine uses the dataset to sift through and identify patterns in her artistic labour in order to predict the content and aesthetics of her next artwork.

To break away from the machine algorithm rolling out combinations of prior existing data, and to avoid sparking a feedback loop, the artist provides the machine a look at her contemporary investigations as an early window into the present disorganization of her thoughts.

The algorithm then determines tomorrow’s artwork based on observations today with the past flickering in the rear–view mirror. On the basis of the predictive model, Pataka was created, a work that listens to what our voices tell machines about us.



SANELA JAHIĆ (1980, Kranj) graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana in 2008, and received her master’s degree in 2010 in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Jahić is an intermedia artist, who constructs visual and technologically supported kinetic objects and installations. Her artistic practice often involves collaboration with specialists for mechanical engineering, automation, software and electronics. She lives and works in Škofja Loka. Jahić has exhibited her work in numerous shows in Slovenia and abroad.


Photos: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo mroe
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