Kyriaki Goni: Counting Craters on the Moon
o a great extent, the understanding of the world today is mediated by machines. Deep learning algorithms define what we see or hear, and influence what we accept as real or possible. Based on the use of artificial neural networks, which are modelled after the human brain, machines now learn and act autonomously, exceeding the human capacity to memorise and process information. Trained to classify information, predict outcomes and cluster data, they are meant to free us from labour intensive activities, and to assist us in decision making. What challenges, though, does deep learning bring to human-based knowledge? What changes when machines self-learn? What do they see and do differently than humans? How can artificial intelligence enhance new forms of experience and understanding?

Exhibition by Greek artist Kyriaki Goni opened at Filodrammatica Gallery on Thursday, 16th January. Before the opening, Goni presented the exhibition and talked about the work and the research behind it.


Photo: Tanja Kanazir / Drugo more
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