Ina Sladić: Ola
Performed during Zoom Festival 2018, "Ola" is a conceptual dance play that explores the concept of disappearance, concept of art that cannot be grasped and of art that arises at the moment of performing. Based on the conceptual questioning of performing improvisation, the play is created by the artist Ina Sladić, with the help of Olka Osadzińska and the musical support of Simon Pilkington.

When entering the scene, the performer doesn’t know what she will be doing. During the performance, artist Ola Osadzińska treats the performer as her own concept: she tells her what to do on stage, while the performer – as a trained dancer who has been taught to listen to other people’s instructions during the making of the play – listens to her instructions for the first time and responds to them at the very moment of the performance...

“This framework produces an interesting form in which everything is actually possible. For me as an author, it gives me an enormous freedom, since nothing is too much. As the whole play is improvised, I choose the way I will take and execute the instructions.”

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