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Ivory Carved Images of Eight Immortals - Sichuan University Museum

ZUANG GUOLAO ( CHANG KUO-LAO ) He is represented as an Old Man riding a donkey. (Sometimes Backwards) He is usually carrying two drumsticks. Legend has it that at the end of his journeys, he could fold up his donkey like a piece of paper and store him in his wallet. When he was ready to travel again he would sprinkle water on his wallet and the Donkey would reappear.


3 ZHONG-LI QUAN ( CHUNG-LI CHUAN ) This is the familiar Fat Man with his bare belly showing. He always carries a fan and sometimes a peach. He is also considered the Chief of the Immortals.


HAN XIANG-ZI ( HAN HSIANG-TSU ) This is the happy Immortal that is always seen playing a flute. It is said that Han could make flowers bloom with just his will, and soothe wild animals with his music.


7 HE XIAN-GU ( HO HSIEN-KU ) One of two female Immortals, He Xian-Gu carries with her a magical Lotus flower. She was brought into the group of Immortals by Lu Dong-Bin after he rescued her from a demon with his magic sword.


5 LAN CAI-HE ( LAN TS'AI-HO ) The second woman amongst the Immortals is always shown wearing a tattered blue gown and only one shoe. A basket of flowers is her symbol, and is usually carried with her.


LU DONG-BIN ( LU TUNG-PIN ) Upon his back he wears a magic sword used to slay dragons and demons. In his hand he carries a fly brush. He is said to have traveled the earth for over 400 years slaying dragons.


CAO GUO-JUI ( TS'AO KUO-CHIU ) The finest dressed of the Eight Immortals. He is always shown wearing formal court dress and carrying castinets.

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Taken on July 30, 2006