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    Yes, I realize it's been a while. Too long, as a matter of fact.

    I think everyone goes through a period of personal renovation and reconstruction. Whether it's to realign their attitudes and emotional capacities, add a new wing to their spiritual house, or strengthen the supports of their character, time needs to be taken and work needs to get done. On most occasions those tasks need nothing more than a brush and polish, but at others, the heavy equipment is called in to tear down the faulty structures and lay the foundation for something new. I've been absent to do a bit of development in my own life, and to appreciate the progress with those willing to lend support and care.

    In the past, I've tended to neglect the responsibilities and deny the defects, which was something akin to the nursery rhyme about a crooked man building a crooked house. Now, I am eager to get my hands dirty by mucking through the pains of the past, find acceptance and forgiveness, and learn new techniques to re-invent my sense of Self. Thankfully, over these past several months a great deal has been accomplished – and yet there always seems to be so much more to turn over.

    So, excuse my time away from here. It's simply been a matter of a "man at work."

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    As a way of returning the extraordinary generosity and support
    you have all shown me in this great community, whenever I upload
    a new pic or series of shots this year, I'll provide a link to another
    flickr photographer whose work, personality, or spirit I feel you
    should discover.

    Visit and introduce yourself. Make a friend. Share the love.

    Open your eyes to isayx3 today.

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    1. aikithereska 53 months ago | reply

      Always great to see you here, Duane!

    2. Joie de Vivre 53 months ago | reply

      Breaks from flickr can be good. Whenever I go away for a bit and then come back, I find myself re-inspired.

    3. fake_plastic_earth 53 months ago | reply

      I like this man at work!!!

      your words are greatly missed ...

    4. James Loesch 53 months ago | reply

      Welcome back, nice to see you.

    5. the tomahawk kid 53 months ago | reply

      ah the complexities of living...

    6. parl [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo Duane. Always nice to see you post.

    7. OldhaMedia 53 months ago | reply

      How apropos to post this on your birthday.

    8. Antoniologic  http://www.antonioleo.it/ 52 months ago | reply

      cool tilt and shift!
      visit me and look mine!

    9. akinoproduzioni 52 months ago | reply

      how are you drp?

    10. JourneyToNoWhere 51 months ago | reply

      great to hear that u will follow the track to be a better man :-)
      nice pic..

    11. _smith_ 50 months ago | reply

      Look forward to the day you come back to flicker.

    12. mfophotos 36 months ago | reply

      Duane - it's been a while since I looked at your images - at first I thought these were toys!
      Reconstruction, revival, reconstitution, re-emergence, re-immersion -- all part of being and part of being a photographer.

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