• Cool retro art (front of card).
  • My brother, obviously on his way to sleep.
  • Drunk as a skunk, and smelling like one too.
  • Oddly blissful in this setting. Probably jazzed because my mom bought me a light up Santa pin.
  • Light up Santa pin. Pull the string and his nose lights up (kind of like Ol' Saint Lush behind me).
  • Stuffed Santa doll. His face was plastic but the rest of him is soft, fuzzy fabric. My brother and I fought over him so my Dad had to buy another.

Santa And Me : The Group

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(Best viewed large, and please do read the notes.)

Yeah, I know. ANOTHER flickr group. But weepin' Jesus on the cross, I am not really digging the fact that the weather in New Jersey, USA deserves its own ring of Hell in Dante's Inferno. The heat makes emotions run high and anxiety boil like a cracked egg on blacktop.

I thought to counteract the delirious effects of humidity stupidity, I'd do something that conjures up images of a cooler, more innocent time - replete with snow and icicles and sleigh rides and carols, and yes, sitting on some scary man's knees who's dressed in a fake beard and smelling of whisky.

So, if you ever had to suffer through the "Now come on and smile so we can use this as our Christmas card and send a copy to grandma" experience, with or without your siblings propped up on Ol' Saint Nick's lap with you, upload those scans and post them to my new group "Santa And Me".

Shots of you with your eyes closed or crying or trying to pull away in fear from Satan, uh, Santa score extra points (as does the big guy in red looking like he got a bottle of Jack in the sack for the holiday).

Join the festive fun...and Happy Holidays!


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have all shown me in this great community, whenever I upload a new
pic or series of shots this year, I'll provide a link to another flickr
photog whose work, personality, or spirit I feel you should discover.

Visit and introduce yourself. Make a friend. Share the love.

Open your eyes to Greeny, Mistress of Motion today.

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  1. Marion J. Ross ages ago | reply

    :) you were a damn cute kid!!!

  2. VaLLeyGirl* ages ago | reply

    i remember asking santa for a diamond ring for my mother and a pair of rollerblades. I am 20 now, and still haven't recieved any such thing! Then again, i dont celebrate christmas...but still!

  3. Dichoom [deleted] ages ago | reply

    haha..that's a very funny shot duane..man,your brother really looks a bit drunk on that photo...i think he stole some whisky while everybody was looking away..haha...oh duane u were too cute as a kiddo..oh and ur still cute ;)

  4. beesquare ages ago | reply

    hahaha....love the notes....and yes, count me in -- you were a cute kid....but nothing's changed. :)
    Don't think I have any shots with Santa and me...but I'll join anyway...maybe I'll get one done this year....

  5. ... has left the building [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Overseas customs are very different from the ones in the states. I am sorry I don't have anything to participate in this group. I never had my picture with Santa taken, EVER. I guess I missed my whole youth?

  6. annappleaday ages ago | reply

    duane, I've told you this before (I think)..YOU look the same today!!

    I absolutely love this and the whole idea...

    i'm going to look for mine....
    my dad dressed like santa for me
    and came to the house ...I don't think i've ever told anyone how
    really frightened i felt .....

    thanks for the memories..:)

  7. luluvision ages ago | reply

    awww! I don't have any shots of me with santa! I don't think my parents took me for any! ;-(

  8. EthnoScape ages ago | reply

    HILARIOUS! I love the notes!

  9. Mr Jaded ages ago | reply

    Please consider adding this fine photo to the Bad Santa! Group!

  10. HORIZON ages ago | reply

    Merry christmas/ Happy New Year

    Merry christmas - Happy New Year

  11. Ina Omak 112 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cool oldschool, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  12. Juvenal Torres 108 months ago | reply

    Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado Fotos de todos y nos encantaría agregar tu foto al grupo.

  13. llamar99 106 months ago | reply

    Santa, is real!

  14. tundrasnow 95 months ago | reply

    We had a santa doll that is almost identical to yours. Actually, my mother still has the santa doll with her Christmas stuff! It must be about 40 years old by now.

  15. fake_plastic_earth 90 months ago | reply

    You certainly have your Dad's eyes!

  16. onetalentdog 82 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called brilliant magic, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. onetalentdog 82 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Natural Children's Best Pictures, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. kodaksights 34 months ago | reply

    Good photo , Merry Christmas
    Boa foto
    Bonne photo
    Hyva kuva
    Hình ảnh tốt

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