The "Mark" Of Quality

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    "In May of 2005, Maker's Mark celebrated its 47th year of putting its whisky into bottles for sale. When T. William Samuels created Maker's Mark he was already bucking a downward trend in the bourbon industry. Why would any sane entrepreneur build into an industry where there was already excess capacity and the trend was going the wrong direction?

    Samuels' conviction was that there was a hidden, unserved market for a different kind of bourbon than was on the market in the 1950s. He saw a market for an elegant whisky. There was, in his thinking, a customer who was not buying bourbon because the bourbons on the market in the 1950s lacked refinement. Instead of the relatively heavy, harsh, minimally aged bourbons so common in the post-Prohibition and post World War II era, Samuels sought to create a more refined, clean, smooth, delicate whisky. After all, why couldn't a native American bourbon be just as elegant as some French brandy? Samuels saw no reason why there could not be such a whisky.

    So, he experimented with a variety of formulations and distilling apparati. From the Old Fitzgerald distillery in Louisville he learned how a mash bill that replaced the traditional rye with wheat could produce a whisky that was still full on the palate, but which lacked the coarseness that a heavy dose of rye would add. Although he dabbled with an old copper pot still as part of the process, he chose to go with a traditional copper column still.

    And so that the public would understand that this whisky was meant to be elegant, Samuels (with the advice of his wife) settled on the distinctive Maker's Mark shaped bottled dipped in the trade-mark red wax.

    Samuels seems to have been right. Not wanting to be a flash in the pan, Maker's Mark has focused on steady, sustainable growth. Without becoming trendy, it has grown every single year of its existence. Indeed, it has now grown to the point where Maker's Mark worries that it will not have sufficient bourbon to satisfy its market."



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    Open your eyes to Derby City today.

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    1. Derby City (Rachel Pace) 107 months ago | reply

      to Honor DRP's entry for today!

      This is a new establishment in Louisville. I saw it for the first time today, Duane, and took this photo just for you!

    2. simple pleasure 107 months ago | reply

      one of my favourite vices

    3. belliebottom 107 months ago | reply

      so much stuff - you just know so much stuff!

      a fountain of knowledge and excellent photos.

    4. bodhi47 107 months ago | reply

      the real stuff.

    5. annappleaday 107 months ago | reply

      beautiful photo..

    6. ☆ Fotologica 107 months ago | reply

      Cheeers mate!
      Cool story.

    7. luluvision 107 months ago | reply

      YUM! my drink of choice!

    8. jaded one 107 months ago | reply

      love it, that red wax? just does it.

    9. Dr Tao 107 months ago | reply

      It seems to me, this pic is wonderfully matching for today! Mr drp, my most best wishes to You & to Your country - on The US Indepence Day! Lots of Good Luck - to You! Peace & prosperity - to Your country!

      Re: Thank You very much for Your kind comments & for Your visit!

    10. sylvia@intrigue 107 months ago | reply

      Wow! I'm not a whiskey fan myself, but my guy loves it; single malt from the Scottish isles by preference although we tend to have a bottle of bourbon in the house as well.

      I don't think he's ever tried Maker's Mark but I'm going to get him a bottle ;)

    11. lawatt 97 months ago | reply

      yum, so tasty...

    12. bodhi47 97 months ago | reply

      Just recently I have heard this referred to as Kentucky Champagne. I disagree, I think it's more "mother's milk..."

    13. drewjr 97 months ago | reply

      Beautifully lit: the texture on the label comes out so well.

    14. George Augustine 96 months ago | reply

      Come Have A Drink.. come have a drink.Great picture

    15. Desolate Places 89 months ago | reply

      Beautiful. I tried a different take.

      The first day on the job?

    16. mannedspace 75 months ago | reply

      For excellence in boozing

      booze group

    17. travelinswede 57 months ago | reply

      What background did you use for this?? its so interesting!

    18. Rafael Sartorato 57 months ago | reply

      Iaê brother!
      Super legal seus trabalhos! Parabéns!

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