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Workin' At The Car Wash, Yeah

"Well, I had just got out from the county prison

Doin’ ninety days for non-support

Tried to find me an executive position

But no matter how smooth I talked

They wouldn’t listen to the fact that I was a genius

The man say, we got all that we can use.

Now i got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’

Working at the car wash blues


Well, I should be sittin’ in an air conditioned office in a swivel chair

Talkin’ some trash to the secretaries

Sayin’, here, now mama, come on over here.

Instead, I’m stuck here rubbin’ these fenders with a rag

And walkin’ home in soggy old shoes

With them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’

Workin’ at the car wash blues


You know a man of my ability

He should be smokin’ on a big cigar

But till I get myself straight I guess I’ll just have to wait

In my rubber suit a-rubbin’ these cars


Well, all I can do is a shake my head

You might not believe that it’s true

For workin’ at this end of niagara falls

Is an undiscovered howard hughes

So baby, don’t expect to see me

With no double martini in any high-brow society news

Cause I got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’

Workin’ at the car wash blues"


- Jim Croce




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Taken on June 18, 2005