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My Heart Shall Bleed

"The most romantic story of the bleeding heart involves using the various pieces of the flower to highlight the tale:


It is said that a prince loved a princess who took no notice of him. To try to get the princess's attention and prove his love, he brought her exquisite and amazing gifts from far and wide. One day he came across two magical pink bunnies and offered them both to the princess.


(At this point, the story teller pulls off the two outer pink petals and sets each on it sides to show the animals.)


The princess was unmoved by the rabbits so, he tried again and presented her with beautiful dangly earrings.


(The next two inner white petals are separated and held up next to the narrator's ears for display.)


Still, the princess paid him no attention. The prince was so distraught over being spurned that he took a dagger and stabbed himself.


(The remaining centre of the flower is shaped like an outline of a heart with a line down the centre. The heart is held up, the dagger-like line is removed, and the story teller plunges the 'knife' through the heart's centre.)


The princess, realizing too late that she did love the prince, cried out, 'My heart shall bleed for my prince forever more!' and her heart bleeds to this day."


- Barbara Kam




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Taken on April 29, 2005