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Paul (3/100)

I was walking down the street, and out the corner of my eye say Paul walk past. I was really annoyed at myself for not being more observant, as he had such a unique look, and so much presence (I'm 6 foot 2 and he towered over me!), that I thought he would be amazing to photograph.

It was then that I decided to 'do an Al Fed' and run after the stranger (I always remembered the story of how he ran after a stranger at a station, so he didn't miss the shot he wanted- total dedication!)

Anyway- I got almost level with him, then changed to a brisk walk to catch up with him, before approaching him.


Although Paul could be seen as quite an intimidating character because of his physical presence and his facial tattoos and piercings, he actually came across as such a nice and totally genuine guy.

He works as a tattoo artist in a parlour in Leicester, and told me of how he got involved in that scene, from his very first tattoo, his mums initials behind his right ear. He had a friend who was a tattoo artist at that time, and used to get free tattoo every week, so his collection quickly grew.


He was really comfortable in front of the camera, and immediately struck this pose, which I thought captured something of his character.


The light was fading in this shot, and I had been shooting with an SB700 attached, but on this shot I had the lastolite eezybox speedlite 20x20 on camera softbox attached, with the speedlight set to +1.3 (if I remember correctly!)


Thanks for being so cool and having your photograph taken for my project Paul- hope you like it!


This picture is #3 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project at

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Taken on January 6, 2012