Ry By: Ry
  • matt kuz 9y

    i feel one certain time in my life i lived there ... 4. row from the bottom, the window far right.
  • raumoberbayern squaring the days away 9y

    what a great picture.

  • Tsjeu 9y

    At the moment this is the most interesting streunerism-tagged image.;)
  • Ry 9y

    also the most interesting ugliness-tagged image...
  • Jakey or, Jakes or JW 9y

    damn, I thought I had that one won!
    You are also tops in interestingness here ... twice!
  • Ry 9y

    that´s my specialty, JW: anti-aesthetics and buttocks.

    but the minute i saw that comment, i knew what you had done and was frankly surprised that you didn´t unseat me.

    not only that, tsjeu is now trying to win the race. damn him.
  • Tsjeu 9y

    I'm in third place! Yippeee.
  • Jakey or, Jakes or JW 9y

    reading my mind now are you? Damn you to all uninterestingness!! You too, tsjeu!!
  • Jakey or, Jakes or JW 9y

    just goes to show how flawed the system is. Mine is much more deserving of interesting ugliness than either of y'alls. Tsjeu, you are now on my hit list. Whoever you are.
  • Jakey or, Jakes or JW 9y

    you have now officially scared the living hell out of me. ack. I just read... well you'll see. is that called "pre-mind-reading??"
  • Jakey or, Jakes or JW 9y

    I was drinking coca-cola last night. If you were truly psychic, you would have known that... :D
  • Jim Skea 9y

    This is great: I like how the layout echoes the structure of the buildings.
  • Daniela 9y

  • Tatiana Cardeal 9y

    so sad that I can't see the image!
    I'm still blocked and blind here.
    But I'm sure it is perfect to the Prestes Maia Hope Group!
    Thank you!
  • Maura McDonnell 9y

  • T.D. Ford (Grundlepuck) 9y

    Thank you for posting this fascinating shot in the Top 10 Interestingness Pool!
  • Barbara Fischer 9y

    just amazing... and a great addition for the concrete beauty pool.
  • d-h 8y

    I think facades are so telling. when i was in kazakhstan recently i started a whole series of facade-shots and its amazing how people try to cope with lack of material and uglyness in these sovjiet-style condos...
  • 11:19 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cultures, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Francesca Mey 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Visual Candies, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
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