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Full Moon in the Night Sky HDR (20080915-211606_211756-2p-PJG)

On the night of the full moon (15 Sep 2008), the sky was actually lit up by the moon. The human eye and brain are much more capable of adjusting for the scene than is a camera. No matter what I tried, I either got a white spot for the moon, or black for the sky.


Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my camera is capable of multiple exposure, or I would have been able to do it right, given that I was tripod mounted. Hopefully, there will be a next time. :)


This photo is manipulated, without question, as it is a HDR combination of the two photos. Each photo was shot in RAW, and as a result each was able to give me two exposures, so the HDR is comprised of four RAW shots.


The night sky really did look like this, with the wispy clouds going by. I had gone down to Jones Lake to get rid of some of the city lights, so was a little later than my other shots.


Please feel free to give me your thoughts, good or bad. It is the first time that I have played with HDR. The halo was there but ended up being a bit more pronounced due to the time difference in the passing cloud. I am sure if I spent some time in Photoshop, I could cure it, but I sort of like it as is. Besides, I really do despise doing any amount of heavy post-processing to my shots.




Please view Large On Black for greater detail.


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Taken on September 15, 2008