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THANK YOU! -- Explore 230 (1-72)

When I first joined flickr in Oct 2006, it was to share family photos with my extended family. The family always enjoyed my non-family photos, but I thought they were just saying that to be nice (as family usually does). Little did I know that my pictures might be enjoyed by a wider audience, the flickr 'family'. I am always surprised, even still, by the acceptance the flickr 'family' has given me, and remain forever appreciative. I will always try my best to return the kindness that the 'flickr' family has given me.


A most heartfelt thank you to Everyone for your visits, kind comments, favourites, invitations, awards and any other participation on my photostream. Without all you fine folks this could never happen. Your efforts are greatly appeciated by me.


I am also very appreciative of the wonderful people that have become acquaintances and friends, and also truly saddened by the absence of those who are no longer such.


Thank You!


Do enjoy my photostream, especially some of the earlier works, as they were originally set so that no one could comment, and rectified much later. Sigh...


I hope that you don't mind, but I will just update this image with new developments rather than posting a new photo thread. The photo will move up in the photostream only when a complete row is reached.




Due to a Scout Poster limitation, only 72 pictures can be shown at once. Please see the other Pages in set: 1, 2, 3, and 4




1. Season's Greetings 2015, 2. Hanukkah Sameach! (20151205-153856-PJG-PS), 3. Urban Moon Rise (20151125-172000-PJG), 4. Unexpected Heron (20151116-105252-PJG), 5. Amur Leopard (20150813-110024-PJG), 6. Blue Moon, July 2015 (20150731-212454-PJG), 7. Neighbourhood Rose (20150706-141818-PJG), 8. Angel Wings (20150627-143414-PJG),


9. Me and My Shadow (20150615-191010-PJG), 10. Worth the Effort! (20121024-130225-PJG), 11. Canada Day Fireworks 2012 (20120701-221459-PJG), 12. Peregrine Falcon (20120628-145929-PJG), 13. Angry Bird (20120602-131338-PJG), 14. Banking Bald Eagle (20120608-143759-PJG), 15. Don't Mess With Me! :) (20120503-112314-PJG), 16. Don't hit the lens! :) (20120331-142102-PJG),


17. 71.9% Waxing Gibbous Moon (20120402-201650-PJG), 18. Dog Flight :) (20110304-144921-PJG), 19. Incoming Mallard @ Mapleton Park (20101006-144505-PJG), 20. Fishing Heron (20100611-134411-PJG), 21. It's my Tern on Duty! :) (20100610-131712-PJG), 22. Happy Passover (20100329-140034-PJG), 23. First Sign of Spring (20100318-133606-PJG), 24. Shetland Sheepdog (20091015-152038-PJG),


25. Lake @ Centennial Park (20100122-151230-PJG), 26. Frozen in Flight (20080417-150902-PJG), 27. Fighting a Cold (20100103-180356-PJG), 28. Off for the Holidays! (20090806-192258-PJG), 29. Beauty and the Beast :) (20090805-110518-PJG), 30. Lighting the Community Menorah (20091214-172616-PJG), 31. Drive by Shooting :) (20091208-143058-PJG), 32. Bird Collage,


33. Hungarian Goulash (20091201-174942-PJG), 34. What a Shine! :) (20091128-105440-PJG), 35. Keep on Truckin'! :) (20091116-122306-PJG), 36. Halloween Moon 1of2 (20091031-190348-PJG), 37. Barn Owls (20091020-112708-PJG), 38. Three Geese a Flying :) (20091018-143042-PJG), 39. Hopewell Rocks (20091015-145412-PJG), 40. Little Toad (20091014-121422-PJG),


41. Lake Panorama @ Centennial Park (Pano-20091006-103146_103202-PJG-7035x1421-7p), 42. Lake @ Centennial Park (20090930-094612-PJG), 43. Surprised Mallard @ Centennial Park (20090923-142042-PJG), 44. Miss Mallard @ Centennial Park (20090923-141708-PJG), 45. Setting Sun (20090903-194904-PJG), 46. Squirrel @ Mapleton Park 2of2 (20090828-130634-PJG), 47. Male American Robin (20090828-140746-PJG), 48. Common Fly (20090821-154906-PJG),


49. Tern (20090729-133438-PJG), 50. Great Blue Heron @ Bis Marsh (20090716-142520-PJG), 51. Bald Eagle in Flight (20090709-142702-PJG), 52. Petticodiac near Sunset (20090608-195024-PJG), 53. Immature Eagle in the Wild (20090604-144536-PJG), 54. Pheasant Under Grass :) (20090603-152206-PJG), 55. Last Sunset in NS (20090514-200224-PJG), 56. Spring Crocus & Bee (20090420-134324-PJG),


57. The Day After the First Sign of Spring (20090330-103718-PJG), 58. First Sign of Spring (20090329-163620-PJG), 59. Jump to Shore 1of2 (20080113-144334-PJG), 60. Mallard Jump Shot :) (20080112-130030-PJG), 61. Incoming Mallard (20080106-144542-PJG), 62. Ornitogalum Flower (20081227-124346-PJG), 63. Season's Greetings! (20081221-165214-PJG), 64. Tiny Dancer, too :) (20081213-071042-PJG),


65. Tiny Dancer :) (20081211-085436-PJG), 66. Flower Bud on Christmas Cactus 1of2 (20081113-120222-PJG), 67. Heart of a Yellow Orchid (20081113-114250-PJG), 68. Yellow Orchid (20081113-113326-PJG), 69. Lest We Forget, 70. October Full Moon HDR (20081014-210052-PJG-4p), 71. Duck Flight 1of4 (20081011-144856-PJG), 72. Cormorant Profile (20081007-142552-PJG)


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