DrexelNow Photo Spotlight
Welcome to the DrexelNow Photo Spotlight archive. Submitted photos approved for publication on the DrexelNow site will live permanently here in the Flickr archive after they are removed from the DrexelNow homepage. The Photo Spotlight is open to submissions from the Drexel community. We have a few simple rules:
-Photos must be of events, people or buildings on or seen from a Drexel campus. Photos that are not clearly related to Drexel will not be considered.
-Submitted photos must include a descriptive caption with information such as date, time, location and what’s going on in the photo. Photos without a caption will not be considered.
-Include the name of the photographer who should be credited.
-Photos should be no greater than 5MB in file size.
-Submission to the DrexelNow Photo Spotlight does not guarantee publication.
- By submitting a photo, the submitter agrees that he/ she is the sole copyright owner of the photograph(s) submitted and grants to Drexel University a non-exclusive license to use the submitted photograph(s) for the DrexelNow Photo Spotlight and the archive.
Send your photos (5MB or less) and captions to now.editor@drexel.edu.
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