"Anonymous" Church of Scientology Protest: March 2008
"Anonymous," an online group, protested the Church of Scientology in Washington, DC on March 15, 2008. This is the second protest Anonymous has held in DC.

Apparently fearful of Church of Scientology retribution, almost all the protesters wore masks, many of them choosing a Guy Fawkes mask popularized by the vigilante graphic novel character V from "V for Vendetta." Others wore surgical masks or bandannas. Some, like an older gentleman who was a priest, wore no masks at all.

Where the protesters very serious? It's hard to say; I didn't see a great deal of passion in the group of about 100 individuals. However, the mere fact that Anonymous, a purely online group, would meet in public at all might speak to their commitment.

What I find most interesting isn't Anonymous or even the Church of Scientology's alleged misdeeds, but rather that this is how these Generation Y and Millennials choose to protest. They protest the CoS rather than much larger and more pressing issues (global warming, the War on Terror and the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all the others). What does that say about those issues? Are they too big to protest? Are young people apathetic? I don't know.
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