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    61/365. Instead of cleaning my studio space (which was already covered in a fine layer of baby powder), I decided to use all the baby powder I had left for a shoot with my roommate. This was on the condition that I would clean it all up over the weekend and vow to never use baby powder for a long long time (because it's really a pain in the butt to remove).
    In the end, we emptied 1.5 bottles of baby powder, coated ourselves from head to toe and probably contracted "white lung" from inhaling the stuff, but the shoot was a lot of fun and produced some awesome shots. I'll post the rest of the photos as soon as they're done.
    I've always wanted to be the mischievous, trickster, zany characters - Mercutio, Jack Sparrow, Hermes, Dr. Who, etc...And I just realized they're all men...what's with that? Oh well, I guess I'll just be the first female trickster.

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    1. Moggsson 46 months ago | reply

      Faved !! this is Sublime
      I saw this in FavTopEntry and I faved it !!!

      I saw this in the FavTopEntry Award

      Please Remember post 1, give 2 Faves and awards

    2. drknluvly1783 46 months ago | reply

      Be a pixiee like me!

    3. Jenny Jacobsson 46 months ago | reply

      Woooohoo Jamila this is awesomeness! Haha I can understand the pain of cleaning all that up, but according to me it was all worth it ;-) I absolutely adore the wicked foggy feel the powder creates. I like :)

    4. Karen 818 40 months ago | reply

      amazing image - love your description of the shoot

    5. di_jo 40 months ago | reply

      fantastic, and very villainous!

    6. Rising Damp 40 months ago | reply

      great portrait, what a playful expression

    7. Vin Tew 40 months ago | reply

      You look so pretty. : )

    8. StRic07 40 months ago | reply

      An Afternoon Stroll

      Nice shot check out my most recent

    9. Spodeworld 40 months ago | reply

      this is so cool, and it is great against the background
      Seen on blog.flickr.net ( ?² )

    10. paperingasmile 40 months ago | reply

      aww man - this is awesome. Seeen on the flickr blog and love the colours :D

    11. s.kosoris 40 months ago | reply

      such a fun shot! love it! :)

    12. biedk 40 months ago | reply

      Super shot! Please do go on playing! :D

    13. mapleeye 40 months ago | reply

      fantastic. what a beautiful portrait of a beautiful woman.

    14. Kyra Elizabeth 40 months ago | reply

      This is just so great. :D

    15. yoko phono 40 months ago | reply

      like a marvelous painting.

    16. stevej_1960 40 months ago | reply

      This is a brilliant shot, amazingly beautiful.

    17. TheBrond 40 months ago | reply

      This is a beautifully modelled shot. The colours and the eye contact are fantastic.

    18. schweissergott - not longer here anymore 40 months ago | reply

      a ghost!......and as it seems a friendly one...i see a nice smile :-)
      thank you! it's a fantastic idea and a real mess too :-)

    19. ∞ dream to be real ♥ [deleted] 40 months ago | reply


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