2008 DDC Fall Tour

Eastbound: "Retracing The Path That Brought Me Out Here" Tour. It's been 15 long years since I "left the nest" for Oregon in 1993. I'm gonna retrace the same route, only backwards, starting out of Portland, past Mt. Hood, through Bend, across the high desert, past Boise, the Craters of the Moon, up into Yellowstone, Cody, Greybull, Mt. Rushmore, Rapid City, Badlands, Mitchell and into Minneapolis to hole up at Fort Ryno for a bit. Then Leigh flies in and we kick the shit out of the Twin Cities for a couple days and head down to through Wisconsin to Chicago, where she flies out a couple days later. Then I head up to Traverse City to sleep on my parents couch for a week and do everything in my power to avoid, well, everything.

Westbound: "Top of the Nation" Tour. Dad and I will head back west along the loneliest roads that hug the Canadian border to the north. From the Straits of Mackinaw to Bellingham, as gross and slow-going as possible. Gary willing, of course.

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