• did you spit on yourself? - abchick
  • I've had that face in an audience before.. people are so rude! :) - Jenn (theflyingrat)
  • I'm usually this guy... always very curious. - Rafa from Brazil
  • No, but I did drool on myself over here------>
  • filled with booze to make the show better? :) - susiejulie
  • Heh...just a water bottle I found in the seats.
  • I just gotta be meeee! - MsKim66

157/366: Audience

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If the show is bad enough, you hope to find entertainment where ever you can.

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  1. Jenn (theflyingrat) 87 months ago | reply

    This is great! Were you alone in there or did you have an audience for all the photos you took?

  2. SueLA 87 months ago | reply

    Yep! You got it right! This is the best one yet!

  3. LightKat 87 months ago | reply

    ...you forgot the candy wrapper crinklers. Otherwise, I think you hit them all!

  4. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Mikey: Oops, sorry about that.

    @Nicki: Thank you, my dear.

    @Kendra: Thanks.

    @Corey: Thanks to you, too.

    @Lynn: This is the first time that I didn't take blurry photos. The lighting is terrible in the seats.

    @Laura: Thanks.

    @Jim: And thank you.

    @Nancy: This is probably the only MSH photo I will do this month. I just wasn't inspired by the list.

    @Jenn: I was alone. There is a Creative Movement class that meets in the auditorium at the time I took the photos, but they were on tour at local grade schools.

    @Sue: Thanks!

    @Katy: My first show, the student director and I spent the entire second and third acts of the last performance predicting where the next cough would come from. Seriously, I thought the CDC was going to swoop in and name a new disease.

  5. Self Expression 27 [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    Plainly put...


    Love this! :o)

  6. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Jenn: Thank you, sweetheart!

  7. stubborndev 87 months ago | reply

    So this is what you do during your free period.... :)

    GREAT job! My favorite one yet.

  8. raggedj 87 months ago | reply

    You hit THAT nail on the head! At a recent chamber music performance we had a couple of girls TEXTING (complete with all the beeps). Great shot!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Devra: My prep period is at the end of the day. Usually by then, my mind is mush.

    @Jim: Silly texting...

  10. ♥♫G♫♥ 87 months ago | reply

    This is very cool Kris ... I would love to know how you did it. Is there a tutorial or something?

  11. JanuaryLove 87 months ago | reply

    This is fabulous! Excellently accomplished.

    http://www.terrik.com/msh/poll/vote.php (?)

  12. <3~Kristin~<3 87 months ago | reply

    "Hush Hush... keep it down now... voices carry"
    Great job! I really wanna try clones!

  13. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Geraldine: Their are two videos that I used to do my first clones. You can find them here and here.

    @Jennifer: Thank you!

    @Bunny: Go for it! Start simple with two or three of you and look at the video links I posted for Geraldine.

  14. susiejulie 87 months ago | reply

    this is AWESOME!! You keep topping yourself with every clone! what a great idea and excellent execution!!

  15. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Julie: I do think that I am getting better.

  16. CRAZYME 87 months ago | reply

    Haha...Lovely expressions! :)

  17. putctycutie 87 months ago | reply

    This is fabulous!

  18. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Revati: Thanks!

    @Lori: And thanks to you!

  19. slworking2 87 months ago | reply

    You're too funny (and creative). :-)

  20. dramamath 87 months ago | reply

    @Kevin: Thanks.

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