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Renault FT-17 / Char Renault Tg.S.F., circa 1922, "Camp des Garrigues", near Nîmes, South of France



Circa 1922, it's probable that some of these tanks saw service with the French Army during the Great War. The FT-17 was one of the success stories of the First World War. The small tank became mechanically reliable after some initial teething problems and owing to it's size and narrow body, was a relatively hard target for German artillerymen. But the standout feature of the FT-17 was the 360 degree rotating turret, which has been the mainstay of tank designs ever since.


The vehicle with the modified hull / turret removed in the foreground is a Char Renault Tg.S.F. (Télégraphie sans fil – telegraph without a wire) - or radio tank. These tanks were unarmed and used for coordinating attacks and relaying information from static command posts while remaining close to the attacking force.

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Taken circa 1922